Monday, April 11, 2011

Finally, examination results were released. :(

As you guys seen in the picture above, yes, that was my result. I'm quite frustrated because the result was not what I expected. I have placed high hopes for this semester, achieving dean's list for sure, yet it really make me disappointed. I can't blame on my commitment toward the group that I serve for, or any circumstances I'm face. Honestly, I have never neglected education despite running out of time too. Surely, it's about my relationship with our creator. My worship toward Him. As I can remember, the more I put my attention to the other thing, the far I'm cloistered from Him. Althought it make me felt really reluctant to meet others, as they still talking about their glory, I still have my helve to rely on my own self. If you think achieving 3.(something) is better, for me it is nothing if I still can't managed to grab dean's list tittle. I'm not gonna be a ungrateful person, but I'm the person who really care and optimistic regarding my future.


e'ka zulaikha said...

Hey, be strong..

u still have one more sem to go!
yeah, grab the dean list! ;D chaiyok!

Mr Cuddlenookumpoo said...

thanks eka. btw, gud luck for your degree soon :)