Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UiTM Kuantan Bloggers

Hi guys, well, the logo above is not just the combination of orange and purple colour, or some kinda a thing that we used to boiled "Apam", (gosh, bulk already!), ok2, just straight to the point, that was UiTM Kuantan Bloggers group!. WOW!, sounds a bit cliché but it’s really havoc as Anas said in his blog. So, I would like to seized your attention by promoting this group, you can join us if you are the one who really love to give a hit or destroying your keyboard writing about others (hey!, I don't twits others!), babbling about yourself, or anything else. Join us now, click on the link provided above and see me and others there!. Wait, I'm almost forgetting to invite all of you to promote this group page on your blog!, then you will see how this group growing larger results of your efforts. Thank you very much for those who done promoting this group!. Chayok2!.

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