Friday, April 8, 2011

Yes, I'm updating my belog :)

Good evening guys. Seem like I haven’t update my blog since I left Kuantan. For sure, there are a few number of my colleague babbling me to give a breath to my bloggie. Ohh, so sweet guys!, I never know that all of you follow my blog frequently yet I left it quite long. Thanks to Anas coz keep reminding me to update my blog. Actually I had my MUeT test last Wednesday. God damn it!, the question really get me screwed up!, never mind!, although it’s bit of humiliated (not a bit surely), but pretty sure I already done it successfully <LOL>.  Procrastination?, yes, it is the best word to describe my attitude toward this Test <pfft>. Don’t know why actually I’m easily getting bored, tired and jaded to face it again and again, all the way to continue BLS unless I'm achieve Band 4 (whatta very demand procedure!). Obviously, I rather choose to start working instead of sitting on that bull sh*t test. I can’t resist guys! WTF!. Luckily, I met Anas by the time the test finished. We really don’t have any idea why we are shocking as soon as we met. Maybe we never met in Segamat, perhaps, or he very surprised when see me gaining my weight drastically :P.

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