Friday, May 27, 2011

Another week left, I have to finish all the things that are important.

Note :
If I'm not mistaken,
There's only 7 days left before I start my new semester.
I must get all of things prepared, no doubt.
Hope this entry are useful to me.
So I managed to arrayed everything.

Hi guys, new semester is just around the corner. Thanks to Reeny as she remained me to set up all of the important thing before I left my home. Waiting is really tortured me and it is fadedly end, yeay~. So, I wrote this entry to facilitate me as I always forgetting what the thing should I've done, more frequent at all actually. So, I made up this list and I'am please to share with all of you especially for those who scheduled back to campus as well as me. Let us start with the new syllabus for my third semester subjects :

Syllabus :

1. BEL 332 : English for Pre-Law 1
2. BEL342 : English for Pre-Law 2
3. MTC087 : Introduction to Law 3
4. MTC088 : Contemporary Global Issues
5. MTC089 : Economic Issues and Problem

Toiletries :

1. Clear for Men
I think, this shampoo is suitable for coarse and dry hair

2. Sunsilk's Conditioner
Conditioner is really important as they neutralize the acidic that absorbed by hair from shampoo. It make your hair look healthier and shimmering. *Im using conditioner powered by Yuko Yamashita not this one. ^^

3. Dettol Shower Gel
This is my favorite shower Gel. It's really make us feel fresh, calm and relieved after back from work all day long.

4. Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief
For those who suffered teeth pain or sensitive whenever you drink cold water, I suggest you to try this toothpaste. 

5. Biore Facial Fit Expert
AO (morning) : For Acne and Oil
PT (Night) : For Pore and T-Zone
Both promote new skin to make your face look clean and moist

6. Gillette Fusion Power
Prevent your skin from itchy and bleed while shaving. Love this one!

7. Gillette Foamy Shaving Cream
I'm not use this type of shaving cream but really useful

8. Biore Clensing Nose Strips
Try it twice a week. It's fun!, I love to see all those dirt on the surface such as blackhead after you peel over the strips.

9. Vitamin E Moisturizing Gel
This really compulsive for me. It remove all of your dead skin and promote the growth of new skin. Power of Vitamin E. You can also take a supplementary pill if you not really suitable with gel. I guess need to buy one more coz I gave mine to OC Hajar last Semester.

 Other things :

1. Dashing For Men (Complete Set)

I'am the regular user of this product :D

2. Aqua Gio Armani Perfume
One of my colleague recognized my scent. She told me that her bf had used the same perfume as I was.

3. Johnson's Baby Cologne 
I really hate the smell when finished eating. Usually, it smells fried chicken. So, I use it to get rid of the smell.

4. Dettol Hand Sanitizer
 Keep me away from the bacteria. Sounds cliche rite? :P

5. Eye Mo
clean up your eyes from dust and dirt.

6. Vicks
Really useful whenever it comes dizzy or stomachache.

That's all I guess need to be prepared. I will update this entry if necessary. Thank you. :D 


SofieyAzwa said...

Goodluck with the shopping list then. There'sa lot of things need to stock up aite?

Mr Cuddlenookumpoo said...

Sofia : Thank you so much. Yep, Im sure there must be something that I forgot to mention :?

emeera asnary said...

wow! kalah saya nyh.. hehe.. gudLuck oke! ;)

Mr Cuddlenookumpoo said...

emeera asnary, hahahaha...ok, tq so much! ;D

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