Saturday, May 14, 2011

Go on, I'm always here watching you there happy. Congratulation!

Note :
This entry is about my pain feeling.
Losing grip.
And if you think your are the person who I tried to mention.
Please know that Im oke :)

Since we weren't address each other, you never know that I used to do things that maybe gotta make the word H.I.M feel humiliated and even irritated, but I can't even act fudge in our relationship that we get through together almost 5 years. We already get along too far and I don't think we still can remember the starting path if you wish to make a u-turn. I'm not blaming you in what could you feel or you cross along up till today. Circumstances?, Obstacle?, I try to get know you better but I think you would never lighten me with what would you see obviously and even clearly without need any dictionary or outspoken helper to assist you understanding about me. You never. Sorry to say dear, you changed a lot. You might said, "you also changed!", but, let me guide you to use your eyes properly, then, will, you still can watch me clearly and its optional if you need to blurring other and keep focusing me till you found me a single mistake I had done in our relationship. Honestly, I see your picture in your own blog. Shock?, Disappointed?, Madness?, its your own choice to label me. I just need a little time to bleach my own soul, its really funny that you used that time to have me replaced. For now and foremost, I hope that he will love you more than the way I can. Thank you so much for this shocking news!. I glad you still managed to watch me dying slowly but you know what?, Unfortunately for you. I never!

truth is, sometimes i miss you, so bad its hurt

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