Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm absolutely no idea what to do.

Note :
This entry I prefer to wrote in English.
Nothing much I can said.
as Nothing much I can do.
Whatever it is, I miss you.

Evening comrade!. I really bored, stuck in my room watching rain drops shooting their drips on the glass window of my room. Everytime when it comes rain, there's something make me really comfortable, listening the sound of water droplet while sniffing the smells of raindrops, it smells soil. Soil? in Malay Tanah but my mom's thoughts, it can be the combination of word Talib and Rosnah. So funny! -,-". I love rain so like most of kids love to playing while raining but not me and it different in how we do. So now, I prefer to finish my chicken soup for the soul. It's a book that lead us how to solve our prob and I think its kind a "La Tahzan" perhaps, in muslim version. I'm not gonna be racist so I choose to read both. And I believe less some of you will not be jaded to read it. I think that's all I can share, and preferably, I will continue my work while enjoying the moment. Really lusting. Thank you because let me seized your attention. Bye! :D

love watching raindrops splashing their droplets on my window glasses XD

i miss you <3


Seha Hisham said...

cantiknya bilik wooooooo~

no_answer said...

tido je yg terbaek !!!!1

no_answer said...

tido je yg terbaek !!!!1

Mr Cuddlenookumpoo said...

seha: biasa2 je la :)

no_answer : betul!!..agree! :D

Cik Jannah said...

memang cantekk haaa...~ saya juga suka tidoqq..hehe..

Mr Cuddlenookumpoo said...

cik Jannah : tq...yeke?..hahahaha...fav saya jugak tu :)