Thursday, May 19, 2011

My poor Lappy ='(

Note :
This entry is just a piece of my pent-up grief.
I really miss my Compaq Presario CQ-42.
A lot of things inside it.
I really stuck to find a solution.
It was my biggest mistake.
I promise I'll take care of you more after this.

Hi guys, guess what?, uptill today, I think almost 1 month and half I didn't turn my lappy on. Too many things I've to cancelled since my lappy's LCD cracked severely. It too sad for me to see it every time I wish to turn it on with hope that it will fix miraculously. I went to HP's service center at HP tower, Damansara Heights. Unfortunately, I've told that my problem is considered as "Physical Damages" where my warranty are claimed as void. I try to asked their help as I've paid almost RM300 for the three years warranty when I first bought it but they are not able to do anything unless I'm agree to repair my LCD on the other way means, by payment. They set a quotation price as low as RM800 after giving me 30% discount. The nett price as I calculated, it almost reach approximately RM1300++ per LCD *sighs. Gosh. How come?, I'm not affordable to pay it. Apparently, I had to wait for my allowances on this July (perhaps) later to replace the LCD. That's why I always miss my poor lappy. :'(

It will appear something like this every time I turn on my lappy

p/s: take a good care to your laptop. you must not want the same thing happened as I was.

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