Sunday, May 29, 2011

ours "CHUM" are forever, glad to say you are "ETERNALLY" in my heart

Note :
This entry is all about my close colleagues.
Despite this entry is not able to vomitting my love for you.
Please know that I'm here and forever stand as your chum.
Love you so much peep!.

This is my bestfriend. We are knowing each other since our primary school but we ain't address. Maybe we are in different classes, perhaps. My  initial personal perception about this cute lil girl (mata ke atas, tangan ke dada~), she's quite arrogance, unspoken to others, high self confidence and sort of bad views. But, I met her once again when I in Form 5, we are in the same class, I admitted that I'm totally wrong in what could I judged her before, she is really kind although we had ours craziest time, loud, outspoken, friendly, neat, cute, and tidy. All of things that she've done must be perfect. I like it. We're frequently having our time by laughing, twits other, and copy paste others work, HAHAHA. I believe, If I could reverse the time, I really hope that I can spent a lot of time together with her and of course all of my classmate. Syaza, I really hope that our friendship won't ever last cuz I love you more than I could showed. Take care of yourself. ;'D

for those who wish to be a friend with her, please having your blog-walking to her blogs.
p/s : thank you so much for your sweet entry. Really appreciated it but, I  can't even click LIKE and your TOINK-TOINK button, why meh?

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syaza said...

weyhh . sal lakk tk ley like ? aku okay je . try bukk gune google chrome . okay . like jugakk !