Sunday, May 1, 2011

What the heck 1 May 2011 for me?

Hi pal, today I would like to describe what the messing thing regarding 1 May for me. 1 May?, it is absolutely not relate with sort of things like what did William Shakespeare wrote and what you guys read all over the century. I strongly believe this is the best day for the workers to spent their time straighten their backbone as they push really hard themselves to be a best employee of the year (really? =.="). Indeed. Unlike them, for those who had to work on this day,  you are about to be paid triple wage!. Be smile comrade. Happy Labor Day! :)


Reen Rostarizam said...

for me it's quite special :D it's my lil brother birthday :)

Mr Cuddlenookumpoo said...

oh yeke, wish your lil brother, happy birthday :))