Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You're really awesome guy. Good Job!

Note :
Tonight I'm gonna share with all of you about someone who really talented.
I don't really know where they came actually.
They might be from Singapore or Sabah, perhaps.
Whatever it is, they are really awesome.

I would like to introduce, Tharwana Aziz and the gang. For those who already know her, I believe her voice had seized your attention. She really simple, and the important things is she never neglect about her liabilities to obey religion despite well known in public with her soft husky voice. Keep on your hard work babe, you got talent and it is in your own efforts to make it better through training and so forth. Whatever it is, just continued efforts and your spirit in this field because you are fit into it!. Good Luck!

This is the best song I ever heard. I hope you like it.

Tharwana Aziz - Price Tag (Cover)


EYFAalias said...

hai. im follow u. btw, nk bg pendapat sikit. u punya background entry transparent susah nak baca entry u :)

Mr Cuddlenookumpoo said...

thnks cik eyfa, sbenanya, saya dah cuba tukar warna background..but..sangat burok :(