Sunday, June 26, 2011

I went there and it was delicious :)

Note :
Morning guys.
I'm so excited to share this with bulks of you.
I went to Tutti Frutti last friday.
And it was awesome!

Assalamualaikum, hi semua. Last friday, I went to Tutti Frutti. What the heck is that?, surely, its not groceries store, it's a food store that provide frozen yogurt with their variety cool topping. Geez, I'm kindda wiry or maybe not really enjoyed eating frozen things and I just thought its just a cup of diary yogurt or sort of bliss or maybe yogurt drink but it's nearly same like an ice-cream and I've managed to ate all of em. yeay!. I've pick three different flavor, Vanilla, Chocolate, Original and Strawberry, all of em : my classic lummy favourite. Look at this comrade, I snap this picture for all of you. Have fun ^^

Really cool environment. I just love it :D

This is my first cup.

after half an hour, I still unable to eat up even half  :P

 Finally. Four cups?. OMG! blurbbs~ ^^, 

Me eating passionately ^^ 

Oklah, I suggest you all try frozen yogurt ni. Sangat sedap and quite expensive. It not cool. :P. Bye!

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Fizz Zoule said...

Iman muka kau tu pelik.. hahahaha.. macam buat plastic surgery..hahaha :)