Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm asking you.

Note :
For you.

I'm asking you. Directly, I tried to playin smooth but, you favored me to be more straight to the point. Just in case you still blur what would I've tried to mention. Here,

This is your word :

fine, I truely understand. But are you really run and get it back what supposedly yours?, maybe you need to swapping YOURS with another yours?

sayang?, wayang?. I don't ever know what would you do together, Thanks. Atleast, despite we were far apart, I never hang out with other girls, and clearly make you felt really hurt as I'm now watching you with other guys OBVIOUSLY. I'm not gonna blame you. Maybe you rite. We were never meant together. Sorry coz printscreen all of your stuff. Hope you can think it rationally. Take a good care of your boy.

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