Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The last thing before I go

Note :
Just about myself.
I'm on my way to change everything.
Change everything about me.
So I can be a better man one day.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and good evening readers. Actually this is my second day in my own rehabilitees. I realized that I’m suffered too much. I’m done with everything my dear. I’m owed you forgiveness in everything you hope from me. I understand and appreciated with all of your sacrifice just to ensure that our love still alive. There’s a lot of thing you’ve done in our relationship and the truth is I found myself aren’t able to give you happiness and love as you need. Just tell me what I can do as a return of your kindness sweetheart. My dear, just remember, in whatever happen, don’t you ever give up. Just be strong. Although, I’m not anymore standing by your side, note that this is your way and you are the only one who can draw your own future. Once again, I am done, with the smoking gun, we've lost it all so the love is gone. He has won. Now it's no fun coz we've lost it all and it’s all gone. We had magic and this is tragic but you couldn't keep your hands to yourself. Dear, I feel like our world's been infected and somehow you left me neglected. We found our life's been changed, dear, you lost me and we tried in how we cried but we still lost ourselves so the love has died and we tried but you still can't deny that we're left as shells and we lost the fight. Now I know you're sorry and we were sweet but you chose lust when you deceived me and you'll regret it but it's too late. How can I ever trust you again?. It’s time for me to change. Change my own self. If we are destined to meet again, please know that I am no longer as before because of your feelings and desires have changed all these things in myself. I’ve sworn to myself that I’m no longer Iman that you knew before. Just noticed that him were die and you would never see him forever. Die with honour and full of dignity. I feel pleased if you not even morn with the death of that poor young boy called Iman that stick with his love although the only thing that he can done is watching you happy with your new lover. Forgive him.

This entry is would be the last thing he left for you. May Allah assist you to find your true love that will love you more than the late Iman could do.

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