Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thank you for being too cruel for me.

Note :
even this entry aren't able to vomit everything as I felt.
I still want it to be my moment's partner.
She's cruel!, I hate you!
And you know that I still hoping something from you.
Just get away from my sights.

Since I were arrived in Kuantan, I rarely update my social network account even wrote something on this blog. Until the day I had my notebook been repaired, I sat on this chair, make my first click to her blog. THAT WAS THE FIRST THING I DO. I felt dumb. Thank you. You're BITCH!. sorry. Is it too rude?. or you have another words to describe your attitude and commitment toward me?. As I still remember, she used to said that ours love are forever. Go die with your lie my dear. Is it fun wrote about your men meanwhile you know that me not dead and still have my clear eyes to read and even watch you from here?. It's okee, that was your own choice. I choose to let HIM decide my own destiny. Here my pray my lord!, I let you to impose my soul-mate coz I know the only thing and what ever happen on me, you know the best thing for me.

I'm alone, trying to seek my happiness, I've found that its just a glimpse. I will not forgive you forever if you aren't able to found your true love that will love you more than I do.

you know what, don't you ever say that I'm your "mr lawyer civil" coz I hate it in part and as regard of your new lover. I believe he will not cool with that.


shafinaz (: said...

Be strong ;)

Schubert Serenade said...

that is life...everything is fated..:))

Mr Cuddlenookumpoo said...

Shafinaz : TQ :)

Schubert Serenade : yeah. I agree.