Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thank you so much band 4 achiever!

Note :
Special dedication to Band 4 achiever in MUET
especially to G's boys
May Allah blessed us

Yesterday, I'm quite shocked with two things happen concurrently and I assumed it as fortune from HIM. Ok, for the first thing, my classmate prepared a nice, simple birthday party for our beloved BEL's lecturer, Madam Bai. They've tried make a gimmick by fighting each other (credit to Rejab, Hakim, Aiman, Husin and Amir) in front Madam Bai . If there are people who don't know it was fake, they must think that the fight is true. Despite they are only acting fudge but I don't know why I'm still shocked, maybe I haven't saw them fighting perhaps, plus, madam also get mad by shouting "you shouldn't be rude to me". I'm sure that because Amir suddenly kick his chair cause desk used by Madam Bai hit by the chair. HAHA. Well, well, good job guys!.That was last minute preparation gimmick and it work!. I never knew that the girls are preparing ice-cream cake for the party. Delicious!, it was my favorite flavor!. What's up?, you hit a correct door babe. For the second thing is, we celebrating the band 4 achiever closely to the only G's boys. First thing first, Congratulation and thank you very much for your willingness to sponsor the dinner. You guys really courtesy. Pandai rejab pilih pizza :) 


Cik Rose Cute said...

Jom!join contest cabutan bertuah..nama anda di tag

necroix said...

tesl student at band 4 is a bit depressing...all of you shud have scored band 5 at least....ask pn roose why....iklas dari zed herman pre-tesl 2003