Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gateway ain't Boundaries

Note :
Yesterday, Friday as I thought it still today. No Doubt.
My eyes ain't feel dozy.
Just wanna share with all of you.
That, they made my day.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. Morning guys. I'm feel gay (happy) to vomit everything in here but I'm not really good to turn all of that in writing. First thing first, Thank you to Nore Belle, Ruhaizar, Nurul, Hakim and the owner of coret-coret blog, Anas. They make my day shine like a Panasonic Bulb. I went to clinic with Hakim as I accompany him to get a treatment of his allergy. Then, I walked a few meter reached at Berjaya MM. I heard that they held a PC Fair organized by Pikom. Suddenly I met Anas and we having our dinner at KFC. I called it bloggers day out. ^^,. I've snapped a few photos. Bye :)

Me with Nurul. Isn't cute right? :)

Nora, Nurul (lagi? -,-) and Hakim (budak allaergy)
 Not need to mention again except yang belah kanan tu Ruhaizar

 Me at KFC

Ni lah En Coret-Coret kita :)