Monday, October 10, 2011

Pray for me comrade!

Note :
A few days before everything will start again.

Assalamualaikum and good evening fellas. Hihi, I'm extremely happy today because I've done a few thing that surely take a really long time to complete. What was that?, yeah, I've been renovate my blog "A LOT" and I felt really *gay* (extraordinary happiness) with the things changed. Beside, after a few years, we were separated away over 2 continental, my brother, with safely arrived in Malaysia just a few hour ago. That was the biggest gift for my family. However, my smile can't express all the thing I felt inside. I'm still feel groaning to sit in MUET examination that will be conducted on this coming 12. Oh my god. I've place a very high expectation in myself to do well and of course this kinda effecting my future. Is it like two separated alleys that I ain't be able to walk by my own choice.  what can I do now is pray and work hard. I believe that I am able to make a change for myself after so many obstacles that I've face.


Zinnirah Humaira said...

Good Luck dude ! take a deep breath before going fo d test yah, all d best =)

Mr Cuddlenookumpoo said...

thank you so much zinnirah :)

shafinaz (: said...

Goodluck iman :)

Mr Cuddlenookumpoo said...

tq shafinaz ;)