Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sort of Reckless

Note :
Breezy Morning.
It's 81 Fahrenheit in temperature.
Cloudy and it tease me to have a long sleep.

Hey, it's me again.
I make a mistake again and again.
Mistakes that could never end up in my life.
I've been so reckless.
Yes, me shouldn't make such decision that could offended others coincidentally.
I admitted that me always act that attached by emotional effect.
That was a wrong way ever.
Where is the rationale?
The question that must be answered in the first place.
I wonder if I can erase all the things that make myself too selfish.
I don't mind if it make all you felt irritated in every single thing about me. 
I'm sorry fellas, you deserved to have a better friends instead of having me.
My last word could be "I LOVE YOU" guys.
Have a nice day.

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