Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not well prepared

Assalamualaikum . Today is 23th February which is weeks left for me to stayed up with my scattered routine. I try to work harder to sort out anything left before I stepped out to Shah Alam yet It's just a glimpse of delusion that burn my spirit just for one flickering seconds. Oh god, please do something on me so I'll not lose my focus to make sure everything going good as scheduled. The good news is, I'm not yet packing my stuff, grab anything that can be useful for me in my new house and I'm not ready at all. God Bless Me thousand times. The awkward moment is when you realized the check that had been given to you cost RM1.5K is only can be refunded on teller counter of particular commercial bank. And you are read the instruction right after two days of transaction made when your account doesn't make even 1buck changes. LMFAO!. FUUUUUUUUUUU, that was the first word out of your mouth. God bless me again and again. So now, I've to wait for another days to get my check back. One week with the horrible moments that will make you really sound incredibly stupifyyyyyy!. BOIYE BOIYE!
much love
I'm not  a free bitch btw.
God bless me everyday!

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