Friday, February 24, 2012

special conversation with Rachel Adedeji

Hello guys, good morning. I've been waking up just a couple hours ago, and had a very surprising conversation with one of the X Factor's stars Rachel Adedeji.  I really love her because she's the only one contestant that manage to seized up my attention toward her performances. So, early this morning, I begin with checking my twitter's notification since I'm not feel sleepy at all. Everyone had left the conversation and timeline seems to move extremely slow. Suddenly, I saw Rachel's tweet. I have tried mentioning her in my tweet before but she didn't even reply me.  Probably because she didn't realized. However, just now she'd replied all of my tweets with warm greetings. I feel really touched. 
I feel very happy to share with all of you our conversation :)

That's why I love you Rachel!

For those who didn't really know her, please have a look at this video. This is her latest hit single, club lights. Have fun!
much love

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