Sunday, March 11, 2012

They Could Be a Blood Sucker

Assalamualaikum, hi everyone. Well, being a degree student is not that easy as others think especially when it comes to how you can manage-well your out flow expenditures that totally succumbed your everyday life. Your wallet are actually start working out every piece of cash as early as morning when you had to pay everything such as bus fare, lunch, what you had to paid off to the faculty, and what-so-ever. Off to the last tick, you never realize that you had been burning a plenty of cash per day. That was sincere liar and you never know. Let push the nitro button so you will knew that the month you stay are about to end. YEAY??. No, just ask your self silently like you don't want to throw a stone to the beehive, are you ready to pay a house rent? or maybe all the bills had been sticked on your wall?, Oh gosh!, I almost forget it and the awkward moment is you are not received any allowance yet. Then you will know how to survive as degree students. :)

im now feel like home is a sweetest home ever T.T  

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