Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Assalamualaikum w.b.t, evening everybody. For a long time, i just thought there are no other way for me to make myself look different. Everything is just like stick forever and I was too sad to have it. My hair is not like other guys or not much like them, but it look seriously weird with curly and somehow i just believe that my hair is a beehive, I called them nature lover. But obviously its not me and don't get me wrong coz I'm still one of the people that preserved our mother nature. So, today is like god had sent me an angel to make myself clear that I've still had another way to change the bee nest on my head. And the result is super awsome, I just love my new hair, Im not rebonding them, I just have a simple treatment to make my hair get rid from being a full-house party of the bee. HAHA. Yeah, me so happy and just can't wait to start my class on monday. I wonder who will realized that changed. Bye!

much love

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