Saturday, June 30, 2012

Toughest Though

Hi, Assalamualaikum, it's me again here. Well, as you know, this is examination month for degree's student and I'd done a subject which is CTU(known as Tamadun Islam and Tamadun Asia) and of course it's not that easy. Alhamdulillah, I still manage to answering them all or preferably just answering "in time". For sure, me ravenously expecting A+  for the subject even though my carry-mark still not yet been published. Tomorrow I got another "killer" paper to be faced, and yeah, it take me about 8 hours to finish just a few topics. I don't know whether I still got time to cover up everything.  Im just letting God to decide it, and me will working on my part with the best of me. Pray for me comrade!.

much love

*I got a problem with my instagram, the picture seems to be upside down with every single pixels crashed* - please let me know how can I fix it.

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