Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Flash

Assalamualaikum, hi. It's been a week since I'd finished my last paper that could a killer paper though. I just started my holiday with my family for two days and everything obviously running planned. I still looking toward something that merely could be my fixed routine instead of wasting my time with anything that possibly ruined my holiday. Well, it could be really noob or either they would called me weird to having my "appropriate" driving class on this weekend. What to say?, see, I've tried to clean what the hell crap that sprinkle on my life without trying to cheat all the police in charged acting super fudge with my dad's kopiah on my head while driving just to make sure I'm safe from any formulating idea running through the authorized body charged me from any offenses? of course i did. But after this I preferred to be addressed by them with my own right like I got the right unless I've been caught from doing any misdoing on the road.

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