Thursday, October 25, 2012

Soggy Thursday

Assalamualaikum, well I got myself really slobbed for a few past hours and today supposedly gonna right on track back to Segamat for hari raya. Eh, by the way, I would like to wish happy eid-ul-adha to all Muslims, brother and sister and for every people who counted to be celebrating this holy days. Well, it's been completely different in any of day I'd celebrated this hari raya in the fact that me usually extremely full loaded with task on my hand preparing a variety of dishes and all of the hari raya thingy one day before. But now I just felt really awkward by lying my body on this cold-slippery marble floor while writing this blog. 

"Ok, I swear, this is nothing to do with my story. While me writing suddenly something stop me from do so. I've heard a fireman's siren that surely came from a number of blocks in front of my apartment. Everything was fine and just heard the rumors that the family's stayed in that house are too conscientious preparing the hari raya dishes even forgot their kitchen was burnt."

Actually, my elder brothers' had planned to took a trip back to Segamat as early as we can and unfortunately, I've to stay in here untill 2 a.m by tomorrow, to give a way for him to done his engineery things at Perak.   Of course, unmotivated me as well. I have nothing to do and just comforting myself with all messes I've made. This is how bad me staying in my own house waiting to take a trip back to Segamat.

I never know that I am as messy as this.

Back on track, I just start to think that this evening could be the best time for me to continue my exercise routine before I got my belly full with rendang and what not. This picture I'd taken it from I-City. Its actually a Ferris Wheel. Maybe I could enjoy myself with shower of light by tonight before I got back. So, that's all by now. Really think I better start packing all my stuff and clearing something on. Good bye. :)

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