Monday, July 22, 2013

Crumpled Paragraph

Hi, today is 13th Ramadan. Feeling blessed as I could drive this far perhaps till it reach the end. Since I wrote this post without having an actual intention on the purpose, I called it crumpled. Where I put all the random stuff I've been through. They might be a  disastrous blend or maybe you are pretty lucky to untangled it. Well, as far as I could recall, just before the semester break takes place, I always wanted to do some writing. But, I guess that was a crap idea so far and me is not motivated or not yet. I managed to write a few paragraph with so many hell line below the word which ends with STAHP. I hate that. You seems to be so stupid with those frizzy line. Sometime they could green and worst to be red. Besides, I also make a few studies on baking. Literally cookies and cakes. Eventually I just stuck by with so many things are not or gone in my kitchen. Or at least I just make my parent happy with my bread pudding which apparently been throw into the garbage. I'm pretty sure the issues arises here is nothing to do with the taste and maybe I made it too much, perhaps. A few days back, I drove my father nearby as he thrilled to find some sort of potatoes and yam. Idk what he wanted to do with those veggy at the first place and just got the idea after he bought a pack of brown sugar and coconut milk. He ravenously craving for "Pengat Ubi". That was a different kind of pengat and why in this world i just knew there are one and only pengat pisang. That was my father. And this evening, Ibu seek my help to drive her to the market. In between these days, why ibu and ayah didn't working out together looking on the groceries? hopefully they would be fine. Really. Ibu just bought a fresh chicken and mix-veggy with a pack of mushroom and lemon which is our iftar diners for today. Well, I think I should stop right now. Nothing more passing through my head. Will hit this keyboard really soon. Bye for now.

Much Love

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