Saturday, July 20, 2013


Assalamualaikum. Good evening everyone. This is just a quick update from me. Idk, my parents turn off everything rarely-early and fast asleep. I don't have any idea that would pinned me out writing this post. But I do have the patch on my head. Unclear. I just turn the glimpse light on my table, put on the songs but merely gasp the pitch. Recently and continuously, I felt like myself had put a huge things happened on the track that made myself really awkward and sometimes big enough on regret. My emotion is unconscious. I start to realized the dual decisions that often affected me was not a claver option though. The moment when I set myself to let go everything without squinting what I've left them behind aren't assist me at all. Yet, it's just make myself in doubt. Why in this world I feel like I never ever put myself in the position that defines my edges out-cross your world?. I do drew the line but It doesn't mean I built a wall against it so that I can keep my eyes on you. The real unfortunate thing I've to accept is you are the one who work really hard to put the barrier. Does it helps you a lot?. Oh really?. No wonder. My wrong I guess. And If I could pay anyone who could stop me from pointing this tiny moving arrow on the link that allow me to see your world. Yes, I would do. But it's seems impossible huh?. I'm not intended to poke you out through this post. But if you think you are the one who responsible for my sickness, you better do something on it. Literally. You act of bully is not acceptable. Mind my word.

Tu me manques tellement
*I miss you so much*

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