Monday, December 16, 2013

Overloaded Weekend

Assalamulaikum, hi!. It's not really weird for me you know, doing stuff in the middle of night or technically early in the morning. I got so many things to do this weekend. Just buckled up and swift along the day and settled up everything. Thanks god everything going well as scheduled evendo I've to turned around out of the path. Last week, on Tuesday, my grandma has passed away because of stroke she suffered for about couple of years. It's too sudden and I still can feel she's scolding me, laughing on family stuff and what not. I really miss her. really. Alhamdulillah, I know that somehow, Allah is testing me. I managed to finalize all of my work before everything wrapped up by the end of December. Hopefully Allah ease everything and may his guidance and mercy will always with me. InsyaAllah.

 Al-Fatihah. I miss you nenek! :( my pray will always lighten up your pure soul.

Done with my Arabic drama! :D

Attending Tan Sri's Wedding at Shah Alam with my brother and Shahril.

Good Night.
Much love

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