Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Day.

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Assalamualaikum, hi. This is my first post on 2014. So, not much. I've spent my whole day at PTAR *collage library* studying for finals. I got Organizational Behavior on this coming 5th. There is a lot of things i need to covered. And I never trust myself in managing the time as I know, it require almost 2hours for me just  to scanning 1 page of slides. Considering my take 5 that not really five. Today I feel like my dream come true. As I mentioned just now, I was at PTAR 3 where the building are actually Menara Kompleks Kejuruteraan UiTM. I went up to the roof top and seriously, the atmosphere was really stunning and breathtaking.I can see the whole Kuala Lumpur as I can claim that I see both menara KLCC and Kuala Lumpur. Besides, at the top, you can also see Shah Alam city center and just a glimpse of Bandar Klang. I never have any  experience like that before and I really amazed with what I've seen. The sky was playing with so many colour. The traffic that oozed all along the path, and the light that sprinkle all around the dark. Thank you to Anas for empowering my bad intention of  trespassing that building illegally just because to have a beautiful scenery of night. I will miss that moment. 


Much Loves

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