Thursday, January 2, 2014


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Assalamualaikum, hai. Dah tengah malam baru rasa macam nak update. Hurm, today macam biasa, I spent my whole day at PTAR, doing OB stuff as you know, I got exam on 5th. Awal jugalah tadi pergi PTAR. Pukul 9 lebih dah sampai PTAR. Finally, aircond kat PTAR dah okey. Kalau xsumpah macam sauna. Hari ini, Anas and me doing some serious once and never, beli GS (Garena Shell) some kind of money gamers use to purchase anything. RM14 for 200Shells. It quite funny. I never do that again. I thought blackshot was offering us 90GS for I slot of card contains a lot of stuff plus, we also get 1,000,000 BP. BP is basically money but not same as GS. We can take credit on that. Tu lah, salah faham punya pasal, we just burn our 180gs for nothing. I mean like we did have a stuff but not as what we expected. I promise it won't happen again. Oklah, I think its late already. I need a sleep and will update again tomorrow. Good nite!.

Much Love

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