Friday, July 31, 2015

Sunshine Hover

Hi semua, serious lama gila tak update blog, lama gila-gila. and today I just feel like merapu and merapu. Actually so many things that I missed out to post here. Regardless it was highlighted occasion or just a simple-nothing-care event. But for sure, there are a few things that I thought it would be necessary for me to glue it here. Hehehe, bukan apa dik non, me kinda forgetful person -,-. But anyway, since I left here with no footprints about a year ago, let me catch you to the point where it happened to miss. So, September 4 is where I stop and since then until now make me feel like looking new journal (amboi kau). But i'm going to make it more visual so it appears much clearer on what I'm trying to say. hehehe.

Checkpoint #1
Alhamdulillah, I think I just manged to finish my last semester in bachelor of corporate admin. The final paper quite "mak kau biru bapak kau hijau". Masa tu, seriously, I feel like repeating the godamn paper especially CSP and CG paper. Ya Allah ya tuhanku, I having some thought that, kalau Kang Siew Meng and whoever wrote CG books and notes pun belum tentu they all can answer the question adequately. But, Im really grateful to Allah, I was giving a chance to pass all the paper. Other than speaking about my course and all things, another part of me that I put it much cares is my friends especially my "Anbarasan Pakai Bedak" team. When it comes to weird name, for sure you guys know well. It must be my housemate. The hardest part of  leaving Seremban 3 is to be a part from your somehow I called it brothers. Believe it or not, I was caught swimming in tears almost a week probably because I missed them a lot and perhaps I just quite suffered to see my mom bedded at Hospital for critical kidneys disease at that time. I have to left them earlier and not expecting any late because I have to take care of my mom at the Hospital. The saddest part is I'm not having a chance to say goodbye to a few of my housemate and friends. But thanks to Allah, I still met them severally followed by having an iftar together with few of them. Hehehe. So here is the Pics! 

Haa, ni masa last paper, kemain kau..paper CG ye adik-adik, abang senyum sumbing tu puncanya nak buat-buat happy cover cuak repeat paper. Hahaha.

So, alhamdulillah, this is the result. Abang berjaya menamatkan BCA with first class honour. Alhamdulillah, the best thing is that PTPTN abang tak payah bayar. hehehe, Alhamdulillah, lagi pun its part of my plan to make this loan to scholarship sebab daripada bayar 200+ to settle the debts baik bagi parent betul? hehehe. :)

Ini lah team Anbarasan Pakai Bedak. I miss them a lot weh!, ada dua ekoq lagi hilang dari pics ni. Start dari kiri tu Ajib, Shah, Wan, Topek, Nizar, Fakar, Faiz, me, Aizal and Anas. Semua handsome kan? hehehe.

And lupa nak bagitau, during that time somewhere in the middle of my exam week, abang berjaya pergi interview for Masters. Hehehehe, and alhamdulillah, I'm pursing it now. Masters of Corporate Administration with ICSA. 

Checkpoint #2
Tumtamtumtam, I'm not sure if there is anything prominent event occurred tapi yang penting, around March, telah berlangsung Majlis Perkahwinan my brother, Ahmad Zakirin (Bob). And during that time also, Im registering for my Masters. Alhamdulillah, everything going well as planned. Nothing much I could wrote despite of some flaws happened like tak dapat kolej (sialan dong), kena tandang dengan kawan2 sebab tak kasi stay rumah in the mean time I looking for bilik or rumah to sewa. Sumpah sedih. Hehehe, tapi takpe, benda dah lepas kan? Hehehe. Ok, time for picccsssss!!!

So here the pic masa my brother sanding. Theme ala Bollywood because we do appreciate the bride as she comes from Indian background, alih2, most of her family wearing baju melayu and we (my family) end up macam over and lame gila. -,- hahahaha.

This is my offer letter to Master, Yeayyy!

Here is my registration day, even thought it was exhausted but thanks to UiTM for making super structured and organized registration process. Alhamdulillah.

My first class with my ex-classmate during my degree. Ini je yang sambung master. Nasib baik diorang ada weh. Kalau tak mampus aku mati keras memberuk sorang2. hehehe. Thanks Balqis, Topek and Eja! :)

Ini acah2 pergi sapedek somewhere at Shah Alam. Apa tah nama tempat ni, Foodsburry ke apa tah. Mahal tapi thanks god, sedapppssss! :D

And ini sangat special. Thank you Anas for staying with me along the journey, we have been close since asasi in 2012 until now. Ya Allah, this word means nothing to compare my loves toward you. Thanks babe! xoxo.

Checkpoint #3
Throughout my first semester in Masters, selain dari yang kat atas tu (as I can claimed it was just a beginning, so here is the climax part), I'd attended my first convocation yeayyy! Alhamdulillah, being a second person to receive the scroll. Hahahaha, it was the swwweeeeetesssssttt (boleh kena amputation sbb kecing manis) memory ever! haaaa, alhamdulillah, everything going soo well. Apart from that, Alhamdulillah, Ibu is just getting better from her CKD (Chronic Kidneys Diseases) as she have to going through Haemodialysis to clean up the blood what not and it was a precious gift to see her have a cute lil smile on her face!. Then, I have met a several people that I can say, I'd killed a lot of time together with them and they such a good murderer! yeayyy!. -,-". They called it CINAB (bukanng hok racist2 tu dehhhhh). hahahaha, this group such a loud, crazy, emotional and weird anyway. But, I dont know, I feel like, they appeared to be my second family here in Shah Alam. We are doing a lot of stuffs together like masak2, karaoke (most of the time), memakak at McD, doing assignments and many more. Even though me is the only one who taking MOCA (all of them taking EMAS and MAS without denying the fact that they all the time forgetting to put up #MOCA in the pics [apology accepted]) but I do enjoy my time together with them. Alhamdulillah, I just think that my first semester was awesome! Okay2, bebel apa nihh! gambar mana gambar???!. haha.


Kat atas ni semua gambaq convo ceqq. hehehe. happy giler okayy. banyak lagi sebenarnya, hehehe.

So, inilah team cinab tu. Diorang sangat happening weh! seriously!
*short intro about them*
Anas: BFF
Echa: Lawak 
Atin: Mix-feeling
Maisara: Emotional ---> Umpan
Tirah: Slumber
Miza: Pelik
Khalis: Heartless
Naim: Random
Amad: Counselor
Nini: Unclear

Haaa, this one pricelesss!!! hehehe, this is ibu, tengok tu, Alhamdulillah, dah makin sihat! She is everything to me. Thanks Allah for leaving a chance for me to having my mom near me! *tears*

#Checkpoint 4
Here is the last checkpoint, haa, tak ada apa dah, I think it all about syawal lah kan? Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri guys!!! Mohon Maaf Zahir dan Batin!. Thanks for reading a much love all the way back to your heart! muaahhh! :D

Much loves

[UPDATE] p/s baru aku perasan, apa kejadahnya title aku tu? hahaha.

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