Thursday, August 20, 2015

1/3 Done!

AUGUST 14th, 2015

Assalamualaikum, hi guys! just a quick update here, well, I have something big to share! Drum-roll *ba-dum-tss*, alhamdulillah, I pass my first semester in Master! Yeayyy!. I just got my examination result last week, here in the same day, just an hour past, what a quick which I'm supposed to receive them on 14th August instead! What a big surprise for me as I'm not expecting much where you exactly know how suck I'd struggled pass through my examination last semester. Oh dear, by the time I noticed my notification tone quite weird which I'm not frequently received any emails probably due to my semester break, it caught me in the blue to see "sims" *system used by uitm to send the result through email* flushed all the way long to my inbox. Slowly scroll the email and how happy I'm to see the first word stating my CGPA. Apparently my brain quite fast concluding the overall result that there is no failure! And another things that make me feel like remembering the date is that, alhamdulillah, its my fortune to successfully selected as one of the JPA's scholarship holders! what I can say is, nobody knows how much I hope for my application to be picked and approved!.I'm really grateful to Allah s.w.t for the endless mercy. So, here is the pics! and I think that's all I guess. Will catch you guys any time sooner! 

Resultt for my first semester! yeayy

I got scholarship from JPA! yeayy! :)

Much Loves

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